This thing works 24 hours per day unpaid, has to deal with several tasks at the same time and a subject of domestic violence. No, I’m not talking about housewives. I’m talking about computers.

Last weekend, I went to this comfy café called Koa. Even though they charge their beverages 2 times more expensive than other cafés, they offer live music performed by real musicians. Not an underpaid ISI freshmen nor annoying talentless street artists.

What suprises me is, as soon as their performance is over, the guitarists start packing up their guitar gently into the case (no, this people were not rushed to go home because they had lots of drinks and chitchat afterwards). It was an amazing sight to see how this people hold their instruments as if it were a baby. Their articulation shows that they don’t want any stratch on their guitars.

I realise that most musicians does the exact same thing. They treat their tool to make a living as if it were their ultimate friend.

Then, I realize how bad most geeks I know (including me :) treat their ultimate friend: computer. I, for an instance, always treat my $100 wacom tablet like shit and force my computer to render 3D images all the time.

My friends are even worse: they turn on their computer 24/7, swears to the computer when something is not working, and slap the CPU if the computer crashed. They use broken CPU as doorstop and rarely dust their CPU, making Museum Sonobudoyo looks like Royal Singapore Hospital.

We really should treat computers like woman.

The poor computers
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2 thoughts on “The poor computers

  • February 23, 2005 at 6:11 pm

    Hehehe, treat them like a woman you said..

    Well, I call my previous box “Aya”, named after one of the character in Evangelion. I love it, though I rarely clean it :p, but really I love it and I respect it. I’ve never beat her as far as I can recall..

    Days have changed .. I think I should take your advice .. to love my computer more .. but there’s one risk following, your woman will ahte you since you love you box too, further more, you might love it more than your woman ..

  • February 24, 2005 at 1:55 pm

    As far as i can remember, our family already had a PC back in 1987. It was an Apple with monochrome display. But this PC didn’t stay with us long, i even forgot that we ever had one. We soon bought an IBM PC XT compatible with CGA monitor which became a ‘friend’ to us for years.

    I remember how my father always reminded us to wash our hands every time we want to use the computer. When not in use, our computer should always be covered with a large piece of cloth. Whenever i pressed the keyboard too hard (have you ever played Digger?), my father or my brother would always warn me not to do it again, because it could break the keyboard.

    We treated our PC very carefully back in the old days ;)


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