I presented my talk at the DUB Seminar, titled “Interpersonal Health Informatics: The Characteristics of Social Personal Informatics.”

Ten years after the formalization of Personal Informatics brought us new frontiers to advance this field. In this talk, I will present my six-year research on designing and evaluating personal health informatics in low-socioeconomic status contexts. More specifically, how families with low-socioeconomic status use their fitness tracking data, given the structural barriers they face in living a healthy life. Through in-depth qualitative fieldwork, I identified five key characteristics and one key process of interpersonal informatics — personal informatics tools that catalyze social interactions necessary for managing health behavior. Grounded in Social-Cognitive Theory, this conceptual framework can advance our understanding of how to design effective digital health tools and enhance health equity.

The video recording of the seminar is below:

Invited Talk at the University of Washington

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