Herman Saksono HCI

My research is in the area of Human-Computer Interactions (HCI) and Personal Health Informatics (PHI). I am currently collaborating with Dr. Andrea Parker of the Wellness Technology Lab, Northeastern University. I’m a Fulbright alumni for my Master’s program in 2012-2014.

I aim to understand how technology can be designed to positively impact human behavior in the context of health promotion and community empowerment. I am exploring how gamification, storytelling, and technology-mediated reflections can support individuals to transform their health attitudes and behavior (CV).

Rigorously Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

Book Chapter

  • A Community Health Orientation for Wellness Technology Design & Delivery
    Andrea G. Parker, Herman Saksono, Jessica A. Hoffman, and Carmen Castaneda-Sceppa. 2017. A Community Health Orientation for Wellness Technology Design & Delivery. In Designing Healthcare That Works: A Sociotechnical Approach, Mark Ackerman, Sean Goggins, Thomas Herrmann, Michael Prilla and Christian Stary (eds.). Elsevier Inc, 59–76.

Conference Paper

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Works that are not related to research can be found here.

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