Light up your face with gladness, hide every trace of sadness

There are certain songs that made you cry, even though you feel completely ok. Same thing happens to me the other day. I was listening to this song called Smile which was sung by Michael Jackson (ok get rid of those questioning eyes, some people might call him a child molesting plastic, but he has done many wonderful song, so give-him-a-break season starts now).

Anyway, the song is about how to cure you sadness with smile, how to make you feel magnitudes better with just a simple smile. I started to imagining how the music video would be, because this great song (which was dedicated for Charlie Chaplin, CMIIW) never got the opportunity to be visualised into music video. However, for no obvius reason, I started to get all teary.

Soo, I imagined the video started with a bunch of commuters sitting on subway, early in the morning, going to work, feeling lonely and forgotten. Imagine low saturated, high contrast video. To make things short, it ends when the sun starts shining, and they saw many cute and funny things, and these bored commuters start smiling and all.

Okay it may sounds really lousy, but believe me, it would be a great video. Its just I suck when it comes to explaining things in a non-oral way.

First Post

This should be my first post on this blog. Here, you will find my personal rants, a tad of random thoughts, and some annoying quick-facts. Please note that this blog represents my very inner ego, which, quite frankly doesnt represents me in real life.

Anyway, have fun!