Five Things That Prove the Terror Attack in Indonesia is a Failure

Terror group fired gunshots and explosives in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia on Thursday (01/14). Indonesian people’s fights back by taking the attention away from the terrorists.

Terror group fired gunshots and explosives in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia on Thursday (01/14). Indonesian people fight back by taking the attention away from the terrorists, albeit unintentionally.

1. Girls are more interested to the handsome police officer deployed on site

Polisi Ganteng Bom Sarinah

Twitter user Andika Prameshwara said “This cop should be a model” with hashtag #kaminaksir. It means “we hava a crush” in Indonesian. Other female Twitter user expressed her curiosity with the tan slicked-back-hair officer with ironic eyeglasses. She said “I’m very curious about this guy. Any possible identification is highly appreciated.”

Later she expressed her disappointment to find out that the officer is happily married with two kids: “SO it’s true. He’s married with two kids. That’s Indonesia, things can be too perfect ;’)”.

2. Others are more interested with the sling bag worn by the police officer

Debbie Nasta Coach Police Bag


Debbie Nasta said on Path that the Coach sling bag worn by the officer is only $800 bucks. Other Twitter user dissected the wardrobe. A leading fashion designer Ivan Gunawan praised the officer’s sartorial style. He said “I love their style. They look really good and really tough. Please protect us, Mr Policeman.”

3. One satay vendor decided stick around and serve satays even if he’s only 300 feet away

Satay Vendor Jakarta Sarinah Terrorist And people continue ordering his delicious char-grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce. But seriously, Indonesian chicken satay is THAT good: Chicken Satay, Penang
When interviewed by Kompas, the satay vendor decided not to leave the cart because they don’t want their satays (and the peanut sauce) to be looted.

“When we heard the second bomb and saw people ran away, I was going to follow. Then I remember my satays and I decided to stick around,” said Heni.

4. Street vendors are selling goods like nothing actually happened

Cigarette, bottled water, and steamed peanut vendors are making quick bucks from curious people who gathered a few feet away from the bombing site. Including the obviously thirsty police squad.

Jakarta Bomb Peanuts Kacang

Twitter user Frederic A. Ferry said that terrorists in Indonesia are “treated like nuts” which is a slang for “being ignored”.

Twitter user @Bebiben joked if the ISIS commander saw how Indonesians are unaffected by the terror attack, he will cry in tears because his self-worth will drop to zero.

Other Twitter user Mega Simarmata said that bombs can explode, terrorist can hide, but street vendors can only be busy selling their goods.

5. People are more interested to selfie at the attack site

Rather than dwelling in fear and anger, like what the terrorists actually wanted.
jakarta terror sarinah selfie


This is one of the largest terror attack in the world’s largest muslim country since 2009. However, people in Indonesia refused to be intimidated by fear and terror. They decided to laugh at the terrorists and move on with their life. WE ARE NOT AFRAID.
Jakarta We Are Not Afraid

51 thoughts on “Five Things That Prove the Terror Attack in Indonesia is a Failure”

  1. Saya harap selain memberikan “jari tengah” ke teroris, kita juga lebih waspada. Saya harap pihak yang berwajib juga lebih gigih mengejar pelaku terorisme sampai ke pelosok2 jangan sekedar takabur saja

  2. Harusnya setelah ini jadi lebih waspada sih, dan kalau aku diposisi mereka, lebih milih menyelamatkan diri daripada nggerombol.
    Ya kita ga pernah tau apa yang bakal terjadi kemudian.

  3. dear mr terrorist the pussy,if you want to spread fear among Jakartans,you must doing something else,actually we are more terrified to be stopped by hungry traffic police than those cowardly things which you called jihad

  4. Ciayooo Jakarta!!! Let us from now on All Jakarta residents & Indonesians Join in Unity to protect & keep our own cities protected & Safe.
    Report to local Satpam & Hansip for any suspicions in neighbourhoods. Let’s RT & RW and the residents work together in Unity to protect our homes.
    Keep the bad guys on corner and let’s Beat them up Together ya…
    The President is Nekat.
    The Governor is Jagoan.
    The People must be Bold too..
    Thank you to All the Police & Secret Agents that had been in the front line..
    God bless Jakarta.

  5. I lived in Jakarta for 4 years,,and travelled around Indonesia,,, indonesian people are the friendliest and toughest people I have met anywhere in the world,,,what they did yesterday was truly amazing! The police officers were brave and fantastic, serving their public,,,true hero’s ,, the public are so unimpressed by these thugs,,be PROUD Indonesia be VERY PROUD, the world is impressed! Truly amazing! GBU you all, Amin.

  6. The handsome policeman actually wear not the same shirt -uniform like the others policeman.. There is no label POLISI in his back. So i doubt it he is the police crew. I think it was a trick of social media.

  7. I agree. It’s kind of unique yet amazing to see what happened yesterday around the bombing venue. Only happens in Indonesia ! People are tough and brave. However, in future we should be more careful and vigilant.

    1. Great project idea, I am a big fan of washable bathmats. Those rube-rbbacked ones always gets smelly and mildewy eventually (even if you don’t have cats peeing on them!) and they don’t do very well in the washer. I like your idea for using kid art for the quilting. It reminds me of some of the bed sheets that my grandmother still uses – she let my toddler-aged mom and her brothers decorate them with markers!

    1. It’s so called immune. 350 years under dutch occupation (terrors), 3.5 yrs under Japanese occupation also brought immense terror. War against communism (after 30 sept 1965) nearly 1 millions were hunted, tortured and killed in revenged to communists (not officially documented). After reformation, since 1999 until 2009 we were attacked by much bigger bombs with hundreds of ppl died. 1) bombing at the gate of Philipine’s ambassador residence in 1999 the tremor could be felt kilometers away;2) Stock exchange bombing at the 2nd basement of parking lot,hundreds of ppl trapped and died but not well published;3) JW Marriot bombing;4) Australian embassy bombing 2009, hundreds of ppl died too;5)Ritz Carlton bombing. not to mention 1998 coup. if we bowed down to terror and hid we wouldnt hv survived. we’ve been through lots, too much. perhaps you can use Vietnam as comparison. Vietnam people are extremely tough and just like us they choose to move on with lives instead of crumble.

  8. Derryl it’s not ignorance it’s called being optimistic. As bad as Indonesians are, they are very resilient people and they have a positive outlook on life and about the future. Despite everything they’ve been through they never like to be “a victim”. And yes, 2 people died as the result of the attack, but I am certain that the terrorists were aiming to kill a whole lot more, so yes it is a failure. Another thing is an act of terror is usually meant to scare people, they failed at that as well. #proudtobeindonesian

  9. Rightly said wulan, Indonesians optimistic behaviour and patient attitude should be cherished worldwide.Despite of the terror which terrorists want to arouse among the public,no one could be able to figure it out what had happened on seeing the traffic situation the very next day.And of course the worse traffic situation here faced by them patiently unlike any other country. And the best quality about the Indonesians is their smiling faces, no matter what happened.Hats off

  10. You guys are praising the incompetence of the police/army to close a crime scene? What if another terrorist blows himself up in the midst of such a dense crowd of onlookers?

    Freaking amateurs, both on the police and terrorist side.

    The only thing Indonesia has got going is its worthlessness and lack of priority for terrorists.

  11. Wrong time terrorist..we’ve just had enough noise from new-year-eve’s fireworks so the boms were only like “The New Year Eve II” or “The New Year Eve Returns”. Lets celebrate with makan-makan…Bang satenya 200 tusuk..!

  12. B, it’s always so easy to criticize anonymously in front of your computer screen when you gave no contributions whatsoever. As bad as our Police Department is, the Indonesian people fully supports them in times like these because they are the one we can turn to and not people like you who have lots of opinion but not solution or action.

    1. Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog. This zucchini dip looks and sounds deiusloic! I just recently discovered how much I love zucchini! Thank you for sharing!

    2. euh…un arbre généalogique géant? des marque-places?Quoi que ce soit ils sont super mignons!!Il n’y aurait pas de nouveaux mugs au planning par hasard?Kallou : une envie particulière pour les mugs (c’est vrai que ça fait longtemps que je n’en ai pas fait!!

  13. The street vendors doesn’t have much choice.
    They run away at that moment, they can live the day safely, but have less to eat and give to their families. That’s why they choose to stay, maybe they all thought the same thing that day. “I’d better dead than give nothing to my family (and lost my cigar money)”.

    Jakarta keras sob, lebih keras dari teror ISIS.

  14. Itu karena serangan bom nya semata2 sperti “direkayasa”..masa iya serangan ISIS “cuma” bawa korban 7 org, itupun 5 orang korban dari pelaku pemboman. Kalau benar2 teroris yang bertindak ya seperti bom bali itu, yg makan korban jiwa hingga ratusan orang.. sama seperti foto2 di atas.. apapun di negeri ini bisa direkayasa

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